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Assured Medical Alliance (AMA) was formed when fellow classmates at Baldwin-Wallace College's MBA - Entrepreneur program, Michael Pistillo and Jack Richards combined two potential businesses into one. Jack's idea was called "Grandmother's Kitchen" which would be a central repository for all things related to an elderly family member, friend or neighbor. Anyone that has taken care of a loved one knows that it is not easy to keep track of the patient's medical history, physician information, lists of medications, etc. The "Grandmother's Kitchen" idea has been transformed into our Electronic Medical Record software offering. Michael had been watching a Discovery Health TV show about remote patient monitoring and knew from his technology background that this was going to be the wave of the future. Through many "Voice of the Customer" sessions with small home care agencies, Michael and Jack realized there was a serious need for these services (among others) by small-medium home care agencies. That is when Assured Medical Alliance was formed.


Just like our name says, we strive to form a partnership, or an alliance, with our customers. We understand that home care agency owners/workers are kind, caring people. If given the choice, they will choose to care for a patient over researching the latest technology or software that may help them run their business better. AMA has invested hundreds of hours researching electronic medical record software companies, evaluating vital sign monitors and negotiating the best possible pricing model for our clients. These are all things that the home care agency owner does not have time to do.

Contact us to find out how we can help your home care agency whether you deal with medical or non-medical patients.


"... Better care in 30 days and more profitable in 60 days..."

Michael A. Pistillo, M.B.A.
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Office: (216) 539-9571 option 1
Jack T. Richards, M.B.A.
Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder
Office: (216) 539-9571 option 2

Mr. Pistillo brings over 20 years of Information Technology experience to AMA. He has worked at companies such as Cleveland Clinic, Xerox and Deloitte. While working as a consultant, he developed the skills to address business issues not only from the technology side but also the business side. In order to advance his business skills, he obtained a Master of Business Administration - Entrepreneurship from Baldwin-Wallace College. Mr. Richards brings extensive business experience to AMA. He has worked for companies such as Roulston & Company, owned the most successful Baskin-Robbins in a 17 state area. In his endless quest for knowledge, Mr. Richards recently obtained his Master of Business Administration - Entrepreneurship from Baldwin-Wallace College.

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