Logistic Services

Picking a vital sign monitor vendor is only half the challenge. Once you decided on which vendor you are going to use, you need to think about how are you going to store the equipment, how will you configure it, how will you install it in the patient's home, and how will you retrieve/clean the monitor once the patient is done using it. This is where AMA's Logistic and Inventory Management services come in.

AMA's logistic services are comprised of:

  • Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date inventory
  • Installation/service/removal of monitoring equipment in patient’s home
  • Training on proper usage as well as safely using equipment
  • Troubleshooting to determine if equipment is faulty or patient needs re-training on proper equipment use
  • Equipment cleaning and storage of equipment in a temperature controlled warehouse
  • Equipment contract maintenance/negotiation
  • Coordination of warranty service on equipment
  • Determine proper equipment and supplied levels needed to support your monitoring program
  • Disposal of retired equipment
  • Assistance with negotiating rates with vendors and finding the necessary financing

Why Use AMA for Logistics? Our logistics services have been proven to:

  • Our implementation services ensures your program succeeds by training your staff on LIPs, defining SLAs and how to perform basic troubleshooting of the equipment in the field.
  • Help organizations develop a quality monitoring program from the beginning by learning from other’s successes and failures.
  • Turn a struggling monitoring program into a successful program.
  • AMA took one client’s program that only lasted a few months when the installs and equipment maintenance were performed by the field nurses and turned it into a successful program serving over 1,000 patients in 3 years.
  • Save money by buying the equipment that fits your specific needs.
  • AMA saved a home health care agency over $200,000 by ensuring the equipment they were buying and the service they were paying for was not more than what they needed.
  • Equipment lasts longer because it is stored in a temperature controlled warehouse instead of the trunk of a nurse’s car.

Now your skilled resources can focus on patient outcomes and team efficiency. Our intent is to help make you and your program have superior outcomes.

Our Warehouse

Logistics and Inventory Portal System

Assured Medical Alliance has developed a proprietary application called the Logistics and Inventory Portal System or LIPS for short. LIPS is a HIPAA-compliant system that tracks patients, work orders and equipment. Customers can create patients and work orders easily in our online, secure portal in order to streamline the installation, service and/or removal process. This allows your management and clinical staff to know exactly which patients have been installed and what equipment they have assigned to them. It also allows the telemonitoring nurse to know how many work orders are pending and when they are scheduled.

Screenshot of LIPS

Let AMA provide logistic services so your clinicians can do what they do best - provide top-notch care!