Wellness Kiosk

Assured Medical Alliance (AMA) is a leading provider of wellness kiosks that monitor vital signs. These kiosks allow individuals to monitor their vital signs and understand the effect that their choices related to diet, exercise, and lifestyle have on their health. Combined with the ability to consult with a health professional, individuals receive education about their health conditions and are able to identify and address medical needs sooner before they become a problem.

87% of health insurance claims are due to lifestyle choices.

Assured Medical Alliance provides a wellness kiosk for helping people take their vital signs in a setting that is comfortable and convenient. By utilizing AMA’s vital sign monitor kiosk, participants can track weight, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level readings on their own schedule. Taking these vital signs on a daily or weekly basis, versus twice a year during a doctor’s appointment, allows participants to monitor their health and get education from the monitoring nurse via a phone call. When the situation warrants more intervention, for example, an increase in blood pressure/weight or decrease in oxygen saturation, a home health care nurse can visit the participant in his/her home to determine the cause of the change in vital signs and modify the care plan as needed. This early intervention can help the participant stay healthy, remain in his/her home longer and avoid a trip to the ER or hospital.

Additionally, by utilizing the MyVitals.Net website, individuals, family members and/or healthcare professionals can view vitals signs readings. There is also a wellness tracker that allows individuals to track things like quality of sleep, pain level or mood.

An AMA Wellness Kiosk is ideally suited for:

  • An assisted or independent living facility that wants their residents to take an active role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while allowing nurses and aides to perform more complex duties.
  • 55 and older apartment communities who want to offer basic medical oversight to its residents.
  • Corporate wellness programs - Historical vital sign data can be used to improve employees’ lifestyle and elevate wellness programs to a results-based program instead of just rewarding individuals for participating.

Kiosk Equipment

Mobile Kiosk

Assured Medical Alliance has created a mobile version of our standard kiosk. This kiosk is built on a 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop which allows a nurse to carry the kiosk from location to location collecting vital signs. The mobile kiosk is ideally suited for a senior apartment building that may not have enough participants to support a standard kiosk or for a population that may need assistance in collecting vitals. The laptop uses WI-FI or your own cellular data plan to transmit the data once it has been collected. The nurse also has full access to the portal where they can receive readings and perform data entry tasks.

Our mobile kiosk can also be used in a skilled nursing facility by an aide or nurse to gather daily vitals with notifications going to the Director of Nursing. This ensures that someone familiar with the patient is receiving the readings and can adjust medication or follow-up with the medical director if necessary.

Standard Kiosk

Assured Medical Alliance's standard kiosk is built on a touchscreen PC which allows for endless customization. Participants are able to print their historical readings easily, log into MyVitals.Net to review/print vitals as well as access other wellness portals.

Kiosk Enclosure

Assured Medical Alliance's kiosk enclosure includes the same features as our other kiosks but this one is designed for high traffic areas. It is constructed to be secure, clean and able to include educational material. Utlizing AMA's technical expertise, the kiosk can include video conference capabilities that allows a physician to utilize diagnostic equipment for examination of the patient's ears, nose, throat and skin!